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The History of ASAHIYAMA ART

■Foundation of ASAHIYAMA Ceramic-Art Laboratory

In 1959, Yasaburo Shimonaka, who founded an academic publishing company Heibon-sha, has transferred his pottery studio from Kamakurayama(Kamakura) to Asahiyama(Yokohama-Totsuka) and began a pottery club named "ASAHIYAMA ceramic-art laboratory, YASABURO-GAMA".
Hiroaki Matsushima was in charge of Rosanjin's Seiko-yo pottery club in KitaKamakura for a long time. Various artists, writers and identities in entertainment industry such as Saneatsu Mushanokoji or Yasunari Kawabata spent time together and enjoyed making pottery at the studio.

"Kokoro" club member's exhibition

In 1963, pottery exhibition "Kokoro" was held at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi by Saneatsu Mushanokoji, Masuji Ibuse, Hyuoe Ouchi, Togyu Okumura, Jun Kawada, Utsubo Kubota, Morikazu Kumagai, Toyotaka Komiya, Haruo Sato, Ton Satomi, Kosaku Takii, Tetsuzo Tanikawa, Kazumasa Nakagawa and Seison Maeda. They gathered and painted on big plates and flower bases at Yazaburo-gama and the exhibition was a big success. The another exhibition were held in 1967, 1969 and 1971 again and prospered.

※Reference from magagine "Kokoro"

Hiroaki Matsushima(1898-1982)
Born in Ishikawa Prefecture. After working at Kanazawa Technical Research Center, was invited to Rosanjin's Seiko-yo in KitaKamakura by his father, Kotaro Matsushima(Note). After being invited, Hiroaki became a director and worked at Rosanjin's right hand for thirty years. Later he joined Nakano Issui-yo and then Yasaburo Shimonaka invited him to be the pottery studio's director at his studio. He also became the president of Kanagawa Ceramic Artist Association.

  • Note:Kotaro Matsushima(1872-1945) After teaching pottery at Kanazawa Technical School, joined Rosanjin's Seiko-yo pottery studio at Kita-kamakura thanks to recommendation from a potter Seika Suda. He then taught at Takamatsu Ceramic Research Center, and spent time making pottery in his last years at his home town Wakasugi-cho, Ishikawa.

Hiroaki Matsushima

Yasaburo Shimonaka (1878~1961)
Yasaburo Shimonaka is a founder of Heibon-sha, a business-man in publishing industry, educationist and the first president of Japan Book Publishers Association. He inherited his family's pottery business in his hometown, Tamba(Japan), and became a foreman at the age of 16 then took up a new course of life being Japanese educationist since his natural talent and high sense of purpose lead him. Heibon-sha the publishing house that he founded is now well known with its commitment to compilations of encyclopedias and as one of the biggest publisher in Japan(Yasaburo Shimonaka Jiten).

■To expand internationally as ASAHIYAMA ART

In 2012, it was renamed from “Asahiyama Ceramics Research Institute” to “Asahiyama Ceramics”, aiming for the accumulation of international art culture for the next 50 years. As a part of that, Mr. Makoto Toyofuku [Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts] was appointed as an adviser, and Ms. Yuriko Yamamoto was appointed as the chief. In 2013, in order to pass on the beauty of art and techniques of creating those to the next generation, an art studio was opened in KitaKamakura, a city of history and art. At the same time the brand "RICOCHET" was launched. Ms. Yuriko Yamamoto was appointed as the president, and Mr. Patrick Audevard [Professor of French National Limoges University of the Arts] was appointed as an adviser.

In 2018, “Asahiyama Ceramics” started working as “ASAHIYAMA ART” with the aim of expanding the whole art in an interdisciplinary approach internationally. 

Makoto Toyofuku

Master of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Studied under Yoshimichi Fujimoto, Koichi Tamura, and Akira Asano.

Currently Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts.


Yuriko Yamamoto

Master of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. Has been an assistant in Tokyo University of the arts and the Institute of Ceramic department and worked in ecole nationale superieure d'art Limoges, France. The chief of the Atelier Ricochet.

Atelier  Ricochet


Patrick Audevard

Born in 1957.  Engage in production research at French National Limoges University of the Arts (ENSA) and C.R.A.F.T.. The chief of Galeria du Cauchau. A wide range of activities such as Co-production with international artists including exhibitions in Europe, Asia and etc. , participation in the demonstration at the Limoges Boxes exhibition at Ginza Wako, Japan.



AIAF 2019 



30-31 AUGUST 2019



Asahiyama Art Gallery (Japan)

With artists:

Yuriko Yamamoto,  Patrick Audevard,

Hiroaki Matsushima.

This year, ASAHIYAMA ART celebrate its 60th anniversary, so now on we love to exhibit in all over the world. We are very happy to exhibit in Amsterdam in our 60th com-memorable year for the first time in abroad.

We define that Art is a valuable being that can give people strength and kindness. And we are a transparent entity that can give human strength and kindness through art.

This time, we are proud to be able to work as an art group that has evolved after 60 years of history at the beginning of a new era, and we are excited about our unknown creative activities.

Currently, Based in Kamakura, one of the historic cities in Japan, ASAHIYAMA ART takes inspirations from ideas of ZEN. Dropping illusions and seeing things without distortions, the group creates art pieces portraying human growth, distress, and greeds. Recently We have focused on the essence of strength and kindness that living things have. We hope that with “ZEN oriented ARTS”, you will feel "calm and energy".

In the future, we will focus on the human sapiens at a time when it is not so far and excitingly express the " love and kindness" that sapiens brings.

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