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Hiroaki MATSUSHIMA (1898-1982)
Born in Ishikawa Prefecture. After working at Kanazawa Technical Research Center, was invited to Rosanjin's Seiko-yo in KitaKamakura by his father, Kotaro Matsushima(Note). After being invited, Hiroaki became a director and worked at Rosanjin's right hand for thirty years. Later he joined Nakano Issui-yo and then Yasaburo Shimonaka invited him to be the pottery studio's director at his studio. He also became the president of Kanagawa Ceramic Artist Association.

  • Note:Kotaro Matsushima(1872-1945) After teaching pottery at Kanazawa Technical School, joined Rosanjin's Seiko-yo pottery studio at Kita-kamakura thanks to recommendation from a potter Seika Suda. He then taught at Takamatsu Ceramic Research Center, and spent time making pottery in his last years at his home town Wakasugi-cho, Ishikawa.

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